Corona Virus

Corona Virus Yagya

Today we stand in the face of an unmatched imminent danger from the pandemic of lethal Corona virus (COVID-19), which is laughing at our modern methods and advancements in medical sciences. Thus, we are subdued to look for the vedic methods of Chanting and Yagya for the cure of this ruthless danger to the mankind.    Click here to read more.

MahaLaxmi Yagya

This yagya is for wealth and prosperity. This yagya is done for people who are currently earning money. It is not a way to get out of debt. If you already have one or more solid streams of income, this yagya tends to enhance the income current. $499

Maha Mrityunjay Yagya

This Yagya is most reverent among the Yagyas for its blissful effects. This yagya is supremely effective in bringing faster recovery from serious illness. It has great curative effects. This yagya have ability to cure even uncurable disease. It is weapon against all the dieseases. $499

Navagraha Yagya

This yagya speaks to all nine plants. It is helpful when a person is planets under the negative influences of several planets. Navagraha performances also enhance the positive influences of planets that are favorable in dashes and transits. $499

Most Popular Yagyas

Yagya for progeny bliss

Feel the unconditional love of your child- Santaan Gopal Yagya

Gayatri Yagya

To wash off the black spots of bad Karmas that create a lifelong moisture

This Santaan Gopal Yagya is performed for the desire of child and progeny bliss. Who are deprived of child becomes fortunate to be blessed with child after performing this Yagna. This Yagya also prevents miscarriage during pregnancy. This Yagya gives a desired child who is meritorious and long living. For more information and order Click here

Gayatri Yagya is the type of yagya that benefits the devotees in multiple ways. This Yagya is done for getting good health, wealth, and vitality Divine Mother Gayatri is the prime ruler of all the other mantras, the powers of all the other yagyas are accumulated in this yagya. For more information and order Click here

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